AircraftPost – Your Aircraft’s Value is Our Specialty

AircraftPost is an information portal for owners of medium and long-range business jets, providing intelligence for strategic planning and managing costs of ownership.

From the time an aircraft is placed in service, it requires ongoing inspections, upgrades, modifications, and refurbishment which can easily run into the millions of dollars. Our focus is tracking the value of the aircraft in ‘real time’ and generating the financial impact of these various upgrades, mods and inspections through the aircraft’s life cycle.  To facilitate this, AircraftPost tracks fleet statistics, current market and recent sales, not only of the specific make / model, but of competing makes / models as well.  This data greatly assists in cost justification, fiscal accountability and responsibility. Owners are kept apprised of current market conditions (current market and recent sales) via email alerts, which help avoid market confusion and enables better informed decision making.

Our web-based program tracks data on over 5000 business jets.  We currently monitor and report on over $3B in aircraft values for individual owners, Fortune 500s, OEMs and banks. To see first hand how AircraftPost can benefit you, call Dennis Rousseau, our Founder and President, at (518) 242-2400.


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