AircraftPost Releases Unbiased Current Market Data

AircraftPost is opening its Current Market feature to the industry. The Current Market data details make / model, s/n, ask price, photos, condensed specification (updated monthly highlighting major optioned items), owner / broker contact(s), market summary showing total aircraft on the market, average market time, high/low ask prices… all in ‘real time’.

Our goal is to provide the end-user with detailed market information to quell the rhetoric and enable better-informed decisions.  This data allows owners to compare their aircraft to those on the market to determine whether their expectations are realistic (similar application applies for prospective buyers).  Owners can also preview competing makes / models to better align their reasoning.  By way of example, a GIVSP owner would not place his aircraft on the market at $20M, if G450s / GVs are selling in the low 20s.  As we’ve refined our valuation model more emphasis is on transaction based data, fleet statistics and economic factors versus current market.  However, current market data is relevant with regard to percentage of the fleet and average time on the market.

Since 1999 AircraftPost has focused on [EFIS equipped] medium and long-range business jets, and is in the process of adding select light jets.  AircraftPost data is obtained from a myriad of industry resources, with emphasis on owners/operators. A subscription is not required to access Current Market data, nor does an owner / broker pay an advertising rate to have an aircraft listed.  For access to ‘real time’ market information go to and select the ‘Current Market’ icon, followed by ‘Make / Model’, then ‘Detail View’.  To view or discuss details of the aircraft, including photos, select ‘Broker URL’ and you will be directed to the appropriate website.  The Valuation service, email alerts, detailed Fleet Statistics, 6/12-month Sales intelligence, as well as the Select a Broker, Build-A-Jet and Find a Charter feature(s) will remain available to subscribers only.

About® Founded in 1999, AircraftPost is a web-based information resource providing real time valuations for owners of select business jets.  The valuation model is corroborated with detailed market intelligence (including absorption rate and average market time), recent sales and fleet statistics. Our goal is to provide targeted information from which aircraft owners can make better-informed decisions in every stage of aircraft ownership—buying, selling, upgrading, modifying and financing. The company is headquartered in Albany, NY.


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