Prices Stabilize for Current Production Pre-owned Business Jets

Although an industry-wide recovery remains stalled, it appears that select markets for newer, later generation (current production) business jets are showing signs of stability in market price, reduced inventory levels and absorption rates. However, the market for out-of-production aircraft remains unstable with no shortage of inventory and concern for continued deterioration in market price.

Since the recession began 3 years ago, pre-owned market prices have fallen severely. Absorption of inventory is one key to improvement and current levels for out-of-production aircraft are still showing 10% of the available fleet with absorption rates averaging 21 months, in spite of most of these aircraft now priced commensurate with market. Still, tight lending standards for older aircraft (10+ years) and a fear that prices will keep falling are keeping many buyers and lenders at bay.

The debt ceiling fiasco, decrease in consumer spending, high gas prices and unemployment are all contributors to our market. In many respects the pre-owned aircraft market seems to be running hand-in-hand with the housing market: prices have fallen from their peak, mortgage rates are at rock bottom, but few can take advantage of the situation due to tightened lending standards.


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