BCA Quotes Dennis Rousseau on the Used Aircraft Outlook for 2012

AircraftPost president, Dennis Rousseau, was recently asked by Business & Commercial Aviation to give his outlook on the used aircraft market in 2012. In an article entitled Used Aircraft 2012 which was published in the magazine’s May edition, Dennis shares his thoughts on the market:

Dennis Rousseau of Aircraftpost.com pointed out that the number of aircraft for sale is actually rising for many types, while transaction prices are still dropping. Plus, the macro economic picture is not rosy. “By 2012, the economic recovery was supposed to be here.  I don’t see it. Plus, fuel prices are going through the ceiling.”

However, Rousseau does see plenty of opportunities for would-be buyers. “What we are seeing is value. Pricing is more in line with the reality of the markets. We are running at about 30% under a normalized market,” which offers buyers “historic bargains.”

For the price operators paid for a small jet in 2008 they can buy a medium jet today, added Rousseau, and some operators are trading up. “People are buying not necessarily for their travel needs today, but for the foreseeable future.”

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