A Message to Business Jet Owners & Operators

My name is Dennis Rousseau, President and Founder of AircraftPost, an information service provider to owners / operators of Bombardier, Falcon, Gulfstream and Hawker aircraft.

AircraftPost is a single source web-based portal that provides immediate access to the information you need to make informed decisions. We deliver ‘real time’ intelligence for value assessment, internal reporting, buy / sell decisions, lease buy-out, value adjustment for interior refurbishment, avionics upgrades, major inspections, et al. Because we monitor the entire fleet for each make & model, as well as competing aircraft, we can deliver information in a format that enables you to gain better knowledge and control of your asset and maximize value. AircraftPost was designed for owners and operators, eliminating the information gathering process and allowing access to ‘real time’ intelligence 24/7.

Below is an example of our email alert feature which apprises owners of market conditions (currently available and recent sales) and the corresponding impact on the present value of your aircraft.

I would welcome the opportunity to provide an online demonstration and share with you how owners / operators have employed the benefits of AircraftPost for over 10 years.


1996 Hawker 800XP, s/n 283 on the market, ask $4.5M, 3900 hours;  8 passenger interior, refurbished Apr ‘04;  G check Oct ‘07;  engines on MSP Gold.

800XP-283 forward cabin

Hawker 800XP Market Summary: 55 available aircraft (13% of the fleet), average market time 260 days, ask price range 3.9 – $11.2M (5 @ Make Offer).  Note: 438 aircraft built from 1995 thru 2005, average list price new 9.2 – 12.9M.

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